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Solar Operations and Maintenance

We have an experienced Operations & Maintenance division, which takes preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar power plants across the globe. Our team operates and maintains solar power plants, offers monthly reporting on generation and activities, provides project commissioning expertise along with developing a mechanism to retrieve and manage generation data.

Our service portfolio includes professional financial and physical asset management solutions, revenue assurance, ongoing maintenance and repairs, and complete operational solutions for PV assets across India. The company consolidates risk mitigation and operational challenges associated with project financing and production into a single accountable entity to leverage economies of scale and deliver comprehensive asset management services at greater efficiency and lower cost.

ASIMOS Company


Our operations and maintenance teams are committed to extracting longer life spans and higher returns from every single solar panel present in their solar plant, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of value-added services and solutions. Our operations and maintenance efforts ensure energy yield optimization by onsite climate and grid conditions. We also provide detailed monitoring services for every table of solar panel erected. This combined synergy of our business units and customer support network succeeds in providing our customers with benefits that help satisfy their expectations of a global solar energy solutions provider.

  • Power Evacuation:
    Supplying the generated energy to the grid.
  • Regular Checkups:
    Scheduled maintenance checkups and plant health recording.
  • Plant Security:
    Our solar parks are securely fenced and guarded 24x7.
  • Emergency Measures:
    Optimal precautions and measures for emergency situations.
  • Personnel Training:
    Training of site operators under seasoned site supervisors.
  • Maximizing Plant Heath:
    Advanced plant controls and other technology support.

Module Cleaning Services

Module cleaning is a simple but important task. It can produce significant and immediate benefits in terms of energy yield. Module cleaning should be done with utmost care to prevent damages in the module or power cable which can affect the power generation of the plant. We provide a high-tech machine for solar module cleaning so that cleaning can be done in the day time with 100% Accuracy.

ASIMOS Company provides cost-effective robotic cleaning that can clean panels 20x faster than manual methods*—allowing for rapid response to soiling issues. The robots are deployed at night to minimize the impact on energy generation and require very little water to operate, making them an optimal choice for projects with limited access to water.

We offer affordable and dependable Solar Power Solution & Systems